I am a native Virginian, born and raised in Fairfax County. And I’ve watched in disgust as the Democrats have run our state into the ground. Every day, we inch closer to an abhorrent Socialist government. I’m getting off the sidelines and standing up to the Democrats. I’m here to fight. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth—I grew up in an abusive, bitter home. My alcoholic father would beat my mother almost every night. At 16, I escaped that nightmare and started my own life.

I learned to fend for myself at an early age. I waited tables, cleaned bathrooms, and was a maid to just get by. As a teenager, I could barely get through a 3rd-grade math book. All of this made me a fighter, not a victim. I went to a community college to re-educate myself as I never got a true education in my home. I went on to a four-year school getting my bachelor’s and then to law school and a law degree after which I clerked for a federal judge. After my clerkship, my husband and I opened up a boutique law firm in transaction law.

My entrepreneurial spirit drove me to do more and to create Securus Capital, a company that would create more Virginia jobs and economic opportunities. We do work for the most cutting-edge scientific laboratories in the country—some of which helped with COVID vaccines and therapies.

– Maeve Rigler