Fellow Patriots –

I am a native Virginian, born and raised in Fairfax County. Last November, I was part of the legal team helping President Trump win in North Carolina. I saw first-hand the importance of election integrity, as I helped protect the state from voter fraud.

Ever since the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats, I have been expecting for the candidates for Lt. Governor to more forcefully stand up and speak out about election integrity but all I’ve heard are crickets. That’s why I entered this race.

We need a candidate for Lt. Governor who will fight for election integrity!

We need a candidate for Lt. Governor who will not buckle under the pressure of the Democrats!

That candidate is me. I ask for your support on May 8.

– Maeve Rigler

Maeve Rigler is a fighter who will fight for:

  • Restore Voter ID
  • Roll back universal mail-in balloting.

No more stolen elections!

  • Reopen our schools
  • School choice
  • No critical race theory
  • Stand up to teachers’ unions
  • Ending lockdowns
  • No job-killing “Virginia Green New Deal”

Maeve is a business owner who has created real Viriginia jobs.

  • Protect conservatives from being silence or deplatformed
  • No tax breaks for tech companies who censor
  • Repeal Red Flag laws
  • Oppose all Democrat gun-grabbing bills
  • Oppose all forms of abortion
  • Eliminate state and federal monies funding abortions